Maluta in the Top 10 best dairies.


Regional Dairy Cooperative Maluta was in the top ten in the industry ranking organized by the National Union of Dairy Cooperatives -Auditing Association.

Cooperative of Nowy Dwór Gdański is listed alongside such giants as Mlekovita or powerful dairy cooperatives from Giżycko or Sierpc. It is worth noting that Maluta is the only independent representative of the Pomeranian dairy in this ranking.


Dairy – industry classification is prepared each year by National Union of Dairy Cooperatives (last ranking covers the year 2011). A number of factors is evaluated which certify the condition of the given dairy cooperative. The factors are such as the amount of purchased and processed raw milk in a given year ( Maluta's result is 60 million liters), equity, net income, performance indicators of employment (Maluta employs 180 people), and sales growth. The sum of individual categories gives result in the overall ranking of the "Biggest and best dairy cooperative" (the first thirty are published ).

As Ryszard Masalski, President of the Dairy Cooperative of Nowy Dwór Gdański says, an excellent place in the ranking is the result of many years of modernization in the company, building a network of suppliers of raw milk (including the development of milk purchase prices at the appropriate level) and the related economic activities.

- It is the issue of ensuring and distribution of cooperative 's income - says Masalski.We focused on product quality, skilled personnel and in recent years we invested 30 million Polish zlotys in new production lines. Range of our cheese enjoys excellent reputation and they are are now the strength of our brand and provide a good level of income.

Although Maluta, as shown in the results, has (despite the crisis) even a slight increase in the growth of sales of their products, Ryszard Masalski tones down optimism.

- The existing stable system in our company does not mean complacency - says CEO of Maluta.

- All is regulated by the market. We plan to soon release new products. We continue to invest in the processing of milk and reduce the operating costs of the Cooperative.

                                                                                                                        (Tomasz Chudzyński, Dziennik Bałtycki 19.12.2012r.)

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