About Company

About Company

Regional Dairy Cooperative in Nowy Dwór Gdański was founded in 1963 on the basis of five pre-war small dairies, located in the fertile areas of Żuławy district where cattle breeding and milk processing, especially for the Dutch type cheese, was a centuries-old tradition. We are a regional brand leader in Northern Poland under the logo MALUTA ®. We offer products with a natural composition, with no substitutes and fillers such as starch in place of protein or vegetable fat in place of butter.

We meet all requirements of the EU to comply with the latest technical and technological regimes, based on traditional recognized recipes.

A wide range of fresh milk through the delicacy dairy products, cottage cheese and curdle cheese, traditional butter, to the ripening cheese is able to satisfy the most demanding customers.

We cooperate with the best distribution companies in the region, which guarantees quick and efficient access to our customers.
For many years the cooperative has received many awards and honors in various aspects of the business. We pride ourselves on a set of annually awarded the Business Gazelle award.

For maintaining consistently high quality production and innovation in the dairy industry Maluta was awarded the Prize of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development on the Dairy Fair „Milky Revue” 2010.

We focus on quality

The way to reach the goal of Cooperative is to produce high-quality products that meet customer expectations. Implementation of HACCP quality assurance system allows us to meet our main objective. All our products are manufactured with our own high-quality milk. The latest technology used in the plant streamlines production and guarantees that the quality and durability of our fresh products. By maintaining a high sanitary and technical level, our facility has the right to export all our products to the markets of the European Union, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine and China.

Good education, high skills and practical knowledge of our team of engineers provides results in the form of the original offers - market novelties such as „Biesiadny” melted cheese, smoked cheese for cutting and slicing (Maluta was the first to offer this type of cheese on the Polish market in 1994), acidophilic buttermilk of strawberry-apple flavour (the most interesting food product, the prize of the Minister of Agriculture, 1997) and since 2005 Jogurt Bałkański( Balkan Yogurt).

In the category of conventional yoghurt (such as Balkan Yogurt) in terms of volume of sales we are a national leader. Ripened cheese and Balkan yoghurt are Maluta's flagship products in Poland. They are characterized by their naturalness and exquisite tastes.


Prosto z Żuław - produkty tylko najwyższej jakości!